Please contact us in advance to ensure we have everything ready for your arrival

 Shop Rate

 Tire mount & balance


Fuel Can Rental

 Power Washer Rental

 $70 per hour (30 minute minimum, 30 minute increments)

 If we remove wheel(s) from bike
        Shop Rate
 If you remove wheel(s) from bike
         $30 per tube type wheel
         $25 per tubeless wheel
 If tires are not purchased from us
         $45 per wheel 
 If tires contain sealant (sealant will not be added after change)
        $45 per wheel
$15 ($10 refund on return)



On-site machining as well as TIG and MIG welding services available.

We're also happy to receive packages from travelers to hold for your arrival.  Just send them to:

    Adventure Cycleworks
    c/o <Your name here>
    362 Snowy Owl Lane
    Fairbanks, AK 99712

Prices subject to change without notice